You can take professional photos with your phone in just six steps 

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Use night mode to take photos of flowers

With the night mode, your phone gets an idea of what you’re trying to achieve, and it uses a lot of techniques to clean and correct the image to make it an image worth sharing, as most of the night modes allow you to capture scenes that were impossible to capture on a phone a few years ago, with high quality and accuracy.

Use flash sparingly 

When it comes to taking pictures like a pro, ignore the flash on your phone, because it is not good enough, and in many cases, you will get better results without it on the front or back cameras.

Taking photos in a zoo with the flash will inevitably result in bad pictures, and you will scare and disturb the animals. So turn it off if you’re shooting theater in dim lighting.

Flash should be avoided

However, this feature can be extremely useful and useful when you are taking a picture in daylight with a target in the shade, and it will also help you if you are taking academic papers. As the flash will allow you to take a clear picture without any shadows, you can still rely on it 90 percent of the time.

All photos in this article were taken with a smartphone, and no effects or filters have been applied. Follow these steps if you want to get more beautiful than these photos.

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