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PlayStation Plus was relaunched in June in its new form by Sony. Three plans will be available: basic, additional, and premium.

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Among the many features of these plans are current and classic games, cloud streaming, online multiplayer games, limited-time trials, and exclusive discounts.

There are 47.3 million PlayStation Plus subscribers. During the second quarter of 2022, it lost about 2 million subscribers, so it currently has 45.4 million.

Despite losing two million subscribers, Sony’s PS Plus service achieved higher revenues during the second quarter of this year, amounting to $ 117 million.

Sony’s revenues from PlayStation Plus amounted to $ 106 million, a record compared to revenues before the relaunch.

PlayStation Plus generally succeeded, but only slightly. It may have generated more revenue than before, but it did not bring many new subscribers, and Sony needed this.

Between June and September 2022, the number of PlayStation Plus accounts decreased by 4%, bringing the total number to 45.4 million.

According to some, the decline in subscribers is caused by the less interaction between PlayStation 4 users and PlayStation 5 users, who represent the majority of Plus subscribers.

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In the three months leading up to September 30, Sony sold more than 25 million units of PlayStation 5, and managed to produce approximately 6.5 million new devices.

Lastly, Sony should fully focus on PlayStation 5 users, since users of the previous version are not interactive.

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