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TikTok’s owner ByteDance decided to enter the world of video games for the first time since the launch of TikTok, one of the world’s most popular applications.

Chinese company aims to expand its content and enter into other services to increase the popularity of the app and gain more users around the world.

The Verge reports that TikTok is already testing video game services in Vietnam as a first step before expanding internationally.

As an official from within TikTok confirmed the new step for the first time in the application, the idea is presently to run small-developed video games as a kind of responsiveness test.

He explained that the company already has a plan to expand by introducing many other services to enrich the social networking platform, which is now competing strongly in the world with other companies, and the company will begin by offering video games, but he did not reveal the other ideas proposed to diversify TikTok’s content.

Tik Tok game sources

According to the official, ByteDance also has several other projects besides its video-sharing platform, including those that offer video games, which will be transferred to the application soon so that it can diversify its content and display more ads to generate revenue.

The company has an agreement with an American non-profit organization to present the Garden God game, which is similar to Farm Ville, and the proceeds will be donated to charity.

Subway Run is similar to Disco Loco, another Zynga game with the same theme.

According to the Verge report, other sources confirmed that Meta, the company behind Facebook and Instagram, plans to expand live broadcast services for games.

According to the official, the idea would increase the amount of time users spend on the application by offering a variety of content, resulting in a greater advertising revenue for the company.

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