A new social media feature is being tested by Twitter

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First-time Twitter users noticed changes in the mechanism for publishing tweets on the platform for the first time, as it became clear the network was undergoing new changes and adopting a new method for social media.

There have been reports that Twitter is working on a new feature that allows multiple users to collaborate on a single tweet, but now it appears that the company has reached advanced stages and has begun testing.

A number of Twitter users have noticed a new feature called CoTweets, which will allow one user to tweet and then invite another as a co-tweeter.

According to a trial, the second user must approve the tweet before it can be considered shared between two accounts, which is a very interesting and unprecedented change.

It appears that the responses and comments that will be published on the tweet will currently only be sent to the main account holder.

As soon as the new feature was spotted by users, the Twitter Create account published its first official announcement about it, and it was a promotional video for collaboration, a limited description of how the new feature works, and a confirmation of its name CoTweets.

In addition to advertising and promotion, it will be interesting to see how Twitter users use this new feature. Now it is in the beta phase, which just precedes official adoption unless there is a change to the proposal, and perhaps if it is successful, it will eventually be rolled out to all users. .

Twitter is currently testing the proposal, which unfortunately also means there is the possibility of reversing it if any operational issues arise or if users are not happy with it.

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In recent months, Twitter has been working on several improvements to its platform. As of last year, tweets are longer formatted with notes, as well as adding ways to control how tweets are published, which makes things more personal.

In addition to this, the company has also finally decided to develop a button for editing tweets after they’ve been published, after years of user requests – and it is currently in the testing phase.

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