Activision was prevented from launching a competing app store by Google for $360 million

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Alphabet-owned Google has made many deals with large application developers to prevent them from creating an app store that can compete with the Google Play Store.

The Epic Games and Google partnership

Over three years, Epic, owner of Fortnite, paid Google $360 million. In order to prevent Activision from launching a competing app store.

Also, Google agreed to pay Riot Games, owned by Tencent, about $ 30 million for a year. A competitor Android app store is being considered after Google was informed.

In a lawsuit against Google, Epic, the company behind Fortnite, revealed these details. According to the report, Google practices monopolistic practices in Android and App Store to prevent competition.

Alphabet’s response to the lawsuit was that it was unfounded. Additionally, she explained that you make deals in order to attract developers. Rather than reflecting monopolies, it reflects correct practices.

Additionally, Activision denied a deal with Google not to open its own app store. According to her, the search giant did not ask or pressure her, and the article was false.

Epic has recently engaged in a battle with Apple over the commission for its App Store. Fortnite’s owner wanted to use alternative payment methods instead of the Apple Store. Therefore, Apple does not charge you 30% commission on every in-app purchase.

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Fortnite was banned from the iPhone maker’s store, which led to a legal battle. Epic lost, and Apple won.

Google’s deals with developers of games and applications are just one part of its efforts. Thus, it seeks to prevent any competition for its Play Store.

Finally, if there are any alternative app stores that can compete with the Play Store. There will be a migration of developers to it, resulting in billions of dollars in losses for Google

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