All PlayStation exclusive games will be transferred to computers… for the first time!

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As soon as the official guide to the Playstation PC application was spotted, the idea of Sony bringing exclusive PlayStation games to computers wasn’t just speculation.

In August 2020, Sony released Horizon Zero Dawn, the company’s first game for personal computers, and followed it up with four more in the following months.

In a report published by PCGamer, Sony’s new Spider Man Remastered game for PC revealed the company’s revolutionary intentions for the first time in its history as a video game developer.

The report indicated that the files of the last game, Spider Man, revealed the existence of the so-called Playstation PC Launcher, which runs games exclusive to PlayStation devices that are provided for personal computers, in a similar manner to the famous Steam client.

For the first time in the company’s history, Sony has transferred 4 exclusive games for PlayStation devices to personal computers in the last two years, namely;

  • Ascension Zero Dawn

  • The days are gone

  • Hunting grounds of a predator

  • War God

  • Remastered version of Marvel’s Spider-Man

As a result of the appearance of the first PlayStation application for computers, PC Launcher, Sony will most likely continue transferring its exclusive games to the PC to attract more gamers.

Sony, as has been the case with many major companies, decided to expand the free launch of games by adding the option to upgrade and purchase in-player equipment or subscriptions to obtain improvements, rather than selling the game itself as was customary decades ago, to achieve profits.

In 2022, Sony anticipates making $ 300 million in profits from the transfer of its games to personal computers, which is a substantial increase from the $ 80 million it earned in 2021 or the $ 35 million it earned in 2020.

While Sony plans to differentiate itself from the rest of the competitors with regard to the PlayStation PC Launcher application, in that the user account will be totally linked with the same accounts used on the PlayStation devices, so all game data will be synchronized and linked and it will be easy to switch between the platforms and computers.

Sony’s idea is also clear in this regard; instead of waiting for sales of PlayStation devices and sales of games to accumulate profits, it relies on subscriptions within games and upgrades to collect profits.

Also worth noting is that the new PlayStation Plus system also supports the idea of making money from subscriptions rather than selling the games themselves, as some packages offer free games every month.

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