All smart devices will be equipped with iSIM technology

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The iSIM chip is a new technology for connecting to mobile networks, which is embedded into the main board of smart phones, allowing the SIM slots to be completely dispensed with.

To eliminate the manual connection of SIM cards, iSIM technology emerged to completely eliminate the need for space-saving technologies inside smart devices.

According to a statement published by Qualcomm on its official website, the company confirmed that, in cooperation with Vodafone and THALES, a new technology was tested to connect smart phones and devices with communication networks, and that the results were positive for the model that has already been applied to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3.

Through direct integration of the communication unit with the communication towers within the main chipset of the device, the new iSIM technology uses ideas very close to eSIM, or electronic communication.

ESIMs connect via a separate data processing chip, whereas iSIM eliminates the need for separate SIM services while offering all the advantages of eSIM, such as remote connection to all available telecom towers, without requiring a separate space for SIM services.

ISIM technology has the added advantage of being very small as far as the space required on the motherboard is concerned, so it can be easily connected to any smart device, whether it is a smart phone, a smart watch, a wearable device, a tablet or a personal computer, and it can be linked to any network quickly and easily. Everywhere the user goes, the same company data is available.

By allocating the chip to more than one network at once, we can eliminate the need for dual-SIM phones, and still provide this feature with less internal space.

Besides reducing the number of ports and slots present in smartphones at the present time, the new iSIM technology will also bring further advancement and improvement to the industry. In addition to preventing the entry of water and dust that damages the device, the specifications for using wearable devices under water and at greater distances must also be improved.

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