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Users of Android phones are looking for a way to cancel ads while browsing websites and displaying ads on their pages.

A video from Technology News explains how to get rid of website ads on Android phones using simple steps and without having to download external apps.

Since the method works on websites through browsers, such as Google Chrome and others, it does not require applications. It also works on applications, such as YouTube.

The method can easily be implemented by relying on the DNS provider from the famous AdGuard application, which has many applications that block ads on different devices, but as previously mentioned, the method works without the need to download applications, but only through the website portal.

The following video explains how to implement the method:

For readers, you can access the connection settings on her phone by going to Settings > Connections > More connection settings > Choosing DNS settings.

In the DNS settings, choose Private DNS, then add the address ” “, and make sure it is a secure connection so as not to encounter any problems.

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