An iPhone without a SIM card slot is on the way from Apple

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Apple plans to eventually eliminate the SIM card slot in future generations of the iPhone and rely entirely on the electronic chip eSIM, although this technology is not widely available in many countries.

At present, Apple provides the ability to connect to networks using the integrated electronic chip in previous versions of the iPhone, but at the same time there is the option of connecting by installing a nano SIM card, whose specifications may change soon, based on the latest news.

MacRumors reports that Apple has contacted telecom companies in the United States, telling them to prepare for an iPhone generation based on electronic SIM cards.

The report indicated that the leading company intends to launch a phone soon that uses electronic communication with the various communication networks without the need to use a chip, and that the launch date will not be September 2022, when the next iPhone 14 is released.

Starting with the iPhone 15, Apple plans to remove the SIM card slot

In the future, Apple’s goal is to rely entirely on the electronic chip integrated into the phone’s hardware without the need for an external chip, and the implementation will be closer than ever before so that it can be implemented in the iPhone 15 by 2023.

It was noted in the report that relying on the electronic chip for communication with the eSIM has two advantages over the smart phone industry, including the provision of space in the phone currently reserved for the SIM card tray or port, and the reduction of ports in order to facilitate the development of new technologies for phones. Keep the internal parts away from dust by submerging them under water.

It is noteworthy that Apple is the company willing to take such bold steps as it had previously canceled the headphone port.

As for the only and fatal defect in canceling SIM cards in phones, it is the presence of many countries that have not yet relied on that technology, so the company and users will be in trouble, but I’m thinking about 2023, when many things can be changed.

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