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Google recently warned millions of Android users that apps may be spying on them, and Android smartphones are vulnerable to many hacks and data thefts. In the latest Android 12 update, Google’s anti-spyware feature has been added to phones. We will show you how to activate and use this feature. The Android 12 update is required to use this feature, so if your phone does not support it, you will not be able to use it.

What is the new Android 12 anti-spyware feature?

As with Apple’s rival iPhone, the new feature alerts users when their phone’s microphone or camera are activated.

When an app attempts to access the microphone or camera, the user will see a camera or microphone icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.

With this new feature, applications can’t record audio or listen stealthily without the user’s knowledge – or even watch by opening the camera without the user’s knowledge.

In the new privacy dashboard, users can also see a permanent history of which apps have access to their camera, microphone, or location.

Using the quick settings, you can also completely deactivate the microphone and camera.

It is not uncommon for some apps to use the camera – such as Instagram. You shouldn’t be concerned when you see the camera icon. If you notice that your camera is being used by a strange app, it could mean you are being watched.

Numerous Android apps have gained inappropriate access to the camera, according to information security experts. You should check the app’s permissions in Settings if you suspect something is wrong. Apps can be denied access to your microphone or camera, for example. If you’re worried, you can delete the app completely

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