Apple’s iPhone 14 plans have been revealed… and one of them will revolutionize communication!

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There have been several leaks and details about Apple’s upcoming flagship phone, the iPhone 14, several months before the official unveiling, which revealed the company’s plans and intentions about the new model.

Following Apple’s decision to launch the new generation of its flagship phones this fall, the iPhone 14 has entered the manufacturing stage.

Apple has bold plans for its new phone in 2022, according to new reports published by 9to5Mac, based on sources within the company. In 2022, Apple plans to launch a family of four iPhone 14 phones, including two with strong specifications known as the Pro model as well as two with low specifications.

As in the current iPhone 13, the iPhone 2022 family will not include the Mini option. The iPhone Mini option was axed by Apple after it failed to sell well in the previous generation.

Apple will continue to release two Pro and Pro Max phones, along with a basic iPhone 14 with lower specifications.

Satellite iPhone 14

For the fourth phone, Apple will launch the “satellite” model, which is a phone equipped with the ability to communicate through satellite without the need for a network connection.

Prior to the launch of the previous iPhone 13, information revealed Apple was developing a satellite-based phone, and the company was thinking about the iPhone 13. However, new information indicates that the company had already finished testing the mechanism and method of work and was only working on testing it.

As an alternative to the Mini model, the fourth phone from the iPhone 14 family will have basic specifications, but can communicate via satellite.

While satellite communication will be used only for emergencies, the report noted that text messages can be sent in places where there is no coverage to request assistance or report problems.

New processors are not available

According to sources, Apple plans to launch a new iPhone generation without a new processor throughout the entire family. Both of the Pro phones will have a new A16 processor, while the other two phones will have lower specifications with last year’s A15 processor.

In the iPhone 13, Apple launched two versions of the A15, so the Pro and Pro Max versions had a processor with more cores than the GPU, which meant better performance.

Based on the new leaks, the basic iPhone 14 and satellite will come with the same processor as the iPhone 13 Pro from last year, while the iPhone 14 Pro will have the new A16 processor.

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