As seen in the video.. How to delete a WhatsApp message for everyone after exceeding the time limit

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It will not be possible to delete a WhatsApp message for everyone after sending it for more than an hour, unless you follow the steps Technology News will explain in a video for iPhone and another for Android.

A WhatsApp message can normally be deleted immediately for everyone if you send it by mistake within less than an hour.

After more than an hour has passed, the delete option for everyone on the message disappears, and only the “delete for me” option remains.

The WhatsApp application can be tricked into thinking the message was just sent, so everyone has the option to delete the message again.

When you run WhatsApp, the application will think that the message was just sent, and everyone will have the option to delete it when you try to delete it. It works simply by changing the clock on the phone to match the time the message was sent.

The trick must follow the exact steps shown in the video, and if there are any defects in the order of these steps, the trick will not work.

Here are the steps to delete a WhatsApp message for everyone:

Disconnect the phone from the Internet by turning on flight mode.

Close WhatsApp completely, as shown in the explanation video, and not so that it remains open.

Disable the automatic time setting on the phone, so we can manually set the time.

In step 4, we open WhatsApp again and verify the time when you sent the message we want to delete.

The phone time is set to match the time when you sent the message we want to delete.

When we go back to the WhatsApp application and try to delete the message again, the delete option appears for everyone.

Both iPhones and Android phones can be used with this trick.

There are two videos available at Technology News, the first explains how to delete the message from WhatsApp for everyone after exceeding the time limit on the iPhone, and the second explains the same method for WhatsApp for Android.

The following video shows you how to delete everyone’s WhatsApp messages on your iPhone:

Finally, it is important to reactivate the automatic time setting after deleting all WhatsApp messages. More secrets about WhatsApp can be found on the Technology News website.

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