Before buying a used iPhone, what should you do?

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Despite some additional features, including more storage space on the cheapest models, all iPhone 13 models came at the same price as the iPhone 12. Apple also lowers the price of older versions of the iPhone whenever new versions are released. Despite all this, iPhones may still be too expensive for many consumers. Could buying a used iPhone be a solution?

It is obvious that buying a used iPhone is one solution to this problem. Used devices offer much better deals than new ones. In particular, buying a used iPhone can be a good deal given its long life.

When you buy a used iPhone, you don’t want to be ripped off. When you’re looking for a bargain, you don’t want to throw away your money, so you’ll want to pay close attention to the device you’re considering. With iOS 15.2 on iPhone, Apple has just released an almost incredible new feature. This is an ideal feature for this scenario. If you are looking for used iPhones, you must be aware of this feature.

When buying a used iPhone, what do you look for?

Consider finding the right iPhone for you. You should make sure you like the color, have the right camera, and have enough storage space. The price is also reasonable. Despite this, you shouldn’t buy the phone until you’ve checked it out.

The first thing you should do is check the age of your iPhone. Verify when the previous owner purchased the device by asking for its IMEI. Check the phone for damage and make sure there are no signs of it. See how the battery will last by checking the battery status indicator while looking at the phone.

Additionally, you can use the IMEI to ensure that the iPhone you are interested in buying has not been stolen or blacklisted. Also, ensure that Activation Lock is not enabled on the device and that the previous owner has erased all their data and signed out of Apple ID.

When buying a used iPhone, it’s always best to meet the seller in person rather than buy it online.

Update 15.2 adds a new feature

You can use iOS 15.2 to verify whether the used iPhone you are buying is indeed a bargain, thanks to a new feature. iPhone repairs are tracked in the new version.

In Settings > General > About >, you’ll find the Parts and Service History section.

Why is this a great advantage when purchasing a used iPhone? If you’re about to buy a phone, you can check its About screen to see whether it’s been repaired. There is a possibility that the seller is lying about iPhone repair when askedIn this case, you should verify that what he says is true.

The history of all repairs in iOS 15.2 tells you whether the part used to repair the iPhone was original or not. The owner of a used iPhone could still repair it if Apple or an authorized repair shop does it.

If you want to buy a used iPhone, be sure that it has iOS 15.2 or later. Also, you’ll need Internet access to check the history of its repairs

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