Civil aviation makes a historic move… Supersonic aircraft are in high demand

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The American airline announced it has placed an order for 20 supersonic Overture aircraft with Boom Supersonic, and has the option to order 40 more.

Due to the repercussions of confronting the spread of the Corona virus, the civil aviation sector has begun to recover from the economic crisis that has hit it since 2020, and American Airlines became the second largest air transport company by purchasing high-speed planes in order to anticipate a bright future for civil aviation.

A statement on the official website announced that the American airline has ordered 20 Overture aircraft for delivery in the coming months, with the possibility of increasing the order to 60.

The value of the deal was not disclosed, but the airline said it was non-refundable. Although Boom has never delivered on its promises, this agreement is still subject to change depending on the results of US safety tests. Previously built or piloted a supersonic aircraft.

Before any Overture aircraft can be delivered, Boom must meet industry-standard operational, performance, and safety requirements.

In 2025, Boom is expected to be delivered for training and testing by pilots through 2026, and it is expected to start carrying passengers in 2029 if it passes the tests.

It is hoped that Boom’s supersonic plane will eventually be able to fly from New York to London (normally a seven-hour flight) in just 3.5 hours, or from Los Angeles to Sydney (usually a 15-hour flight) in just six hours and 45 minutes. It takes a minute.

In addition, American Airlines stated that tickets for the Overture aircraft could cost up to $ 5,000 per seat, but they did not disclose prices, as that is normal given the estimated dates of operation.

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