Civil aviation moves forward. Supersonic aircraft are increasingly in demand

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It has been reported that Huawei’s upcoming flagship Huawei Mate 50 phone will come with a smart software feature that allows the user to send text messages or make emergency calls even when the battery runs out. As part of the new Harmony system from the Chinese company, the third version will include this feature.

Following the decision to divide its leading series and launch a new phone for one every year, Huawei is preparing to unveil the new generation of its flagship phones. The P50 was launched last year, and the Mate 50 will follow that year.

One of the leakers on the Chinese social network, Weibo, has revealed that Huawei has developed an interesting feature in the Harmony operating system that is present for the first time in smartphones.

In his view, the third generation of Huawei’s operating system, which will be introduced with the new Huawei Mate 50 for the first time, will have a feature that will allow users to make calls or send text messages even when the battery is completely exhausted, as a way to make calls when the battery runs out entirely.

The leaker did not fully explain how the method works, but it is most likely an emergency mode in a new way that preserves a part of the battery that is never used except after closing and reopening and in specific circumstances, allowing the user to make calls in emergency situations or send text messages, scan documents, or scan QR codes.

It would be interesting to have such a feature that would be a solution for many, but there is no clear explanation of how it works.

As far as the most popular operating systems in the world are concerned, iOS and Android both offer users the option to reduce battery consumption when things get stuck. Since the first allows users to go to low battery settings and switch to the power reduction mode, some services are stopped and the phone is used for as long as possible in an emergency situation until it is recharged.

In Android, the Extreme Battery Saver setting allows users to disable certain background activities, visual effects, and certain features while still being connected to the network for emergencies.

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