Downloading offline maps on iPhone: three ways

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When there is no network or if your Internet connection is lost, you can still get directions by downloading offline maps to your iPhone. The three best apps to use are listed below.

If you lose signal or run out of data on a trip, downloading a map for offline use is a great solution. Downloading offline maps for your iPhone may be a mystery to you if you have an iPhone.

Apple Maps does not offer the option to download maps for offline use. To do this, you will need to switch map providers. Fortunately, there are excellent alternatives. Apple Maps consumes a lot of mobile data, which is another reason to switch.

Here are three iPhone apps that make it easy to download offline maps.

The Google Maps app

Google Maps is a popular alternative to Apple Maps. To download offline maps in Google Maps, open the app and sign in. Enable location settings. In the top-right corner, near the search bar, tap your profile picture.

You will be able to access your settings by clicking this. Using your settings, go to Offline Maps, then select the map you would like to save. You can then download the map.

Zoom in or out to choose the area you want to download. After that, just download the map and it will be saved to your phone for 30 days.

The TomTomGO application

You can use TomTom GO Maps on your iPhone without an internet connection, making it a GPS device.

Without an internet connection, you can still use the TomTom GO app since it is designed specifically for offline use.

TomTom GO makes it easy to download offline maps. Start by downloading the app, tapping Download, and selecting the map you want to download.

The map downloads from TomTom GO take up less space than those from Google Maps. On Google, you cannot download an entire province at once. TomTom GO lets you access traffic information using mobile data without using a lot of data, since the maps have already been downloaded.


The HERE WeGo offline map app is used by Amazon and other delivery services, but it isn’t a household name.

In recent years, HERE WeGo has become an independent company after being developed by Nokia. It is also one of the best options for using maps offline.

Open the app and click “Your maps” on the home page to download offline maps. If you want to see a map of an area, simply download it.

Whenever you want to navigate to your destination without data, you can tap Use the app offline.

In this way, you have saved on your data consumption and reached your destination.

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