Explaining 4 different ways to connect the computer to the mobile

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It will be explained how to connect the computer to the mobile both via cable and via Bluetooth, and how to use the free Connectify tool to connect from the computer to the mobile.

A tethering connection connects your mobile phone to your computer to enable you to connect to Internet networks with each other. Do you want to connect your computer to your mobile phone directly via USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or even with a free tool? This is the right place for you, my dear.

The following article will provide a comprehensive overview of how you can connect your computer to your phone to get an effective internet speed.

An explanation of 4 different methods to connect a computer to a mobile device

For a variety of reasons, you will need to connect your computer or laptop to your phone to use the internet. For example, you might need the Internet to save your package suddenly, or you might not have a USB cable at hand, or even you may have a wireless cable in your hands, but it is not compatible with your phone’s ports.

Do not worry, dear, as there are, of course, many auxiliary solutions for owners of smart phones of various systems, which include four options for connecting Internet connections from a computer to a mobile phone through mobile phones, which are compatible with a variety of computers and laptops:

  • Wi-Fi hotspots can be created using the phone.

  • Connecting a mobile internet device to a computer using Bluetooth.

  • The easiest way to connect your computer to your mobile via USB on Windows 7 and 10

  • Using Connectify, you can connect your computer to your mobile device.

Before beginning the conversation, it is important to note the signal strength of the phone’s Internet connection, since it will affect the speed of your connection. Be sure that your battery is full, as wireless connections tend to drain batteries and energy, so let’s get started.

Connecting a mobile phone to the internet without a cable

Before you move on, you should know that the first method that we are going to use is to use Wi-Fi to make the connection, as your computer must usually have a wireless adapter to make this step work, either externally or internally, otherwise this method will not work.

Using a wireless Wi-Fi adapter, here is how you can connect the computer to the mobile phone without a cable:

  • To begin, click on the start button to access the settings at the bottom left, as shown below.

After clicking on the start button, click on the settings button

  • Now, click Network & Internet from the Windows Settings menu.

  • The third step is to click the Mobile Hotspot tab after completing the previous step. If the mobile hotspot does not appear for some reason, it may be due to a missing or malfunctioning wireless adapter in your computer, but if it works, let’s proceed.

Hotspot for mobile devices – click here

  • The fourth step is to turn on Mobile Hotspot by switching it on.

  • In the fifth step, the Internet connection will be shared with the hotspot through the Wi-Fi network using the network name and password. Afterward, write down the credentials, the name and password of the hotspot, since you will need them after the hotspot, so you will be able to broadcast your Wi-Fi network.

If you have an iPhone, you need to go to Settings, then click on Wi-Fi to see if your newly created network is listed there or not. On Android systems, you need to scroll down the page and press the Wi-Fi icon; the phone will then display all the hotspots you can join and choose from.

Our topic about how to know the speed of your Internet from your router for different operating systems may also be of interest to you.

How to connect the computer to the mobile via Bluetooth and access the internet

Our second method is to connect the computer to the mobile via Bluetooth, and here are the steps:

  • In the same way as the previous method, click on “Settings” from the “Start” menu.

  • After you’ve reached Network Connections, you’ll see Wi-Fi options on the left, after which you’ll need to enable Hotspot, then choose Share my Internet connection “Bluetooth” as shown in the image.

By using Bluetooth, you can connect your mobile phone to the internet

  • You can now change the ID and password by clicking on the edit button.

  • To broadcast, open the Wi-Fi options on your Android or Apple smartphone and choose the network.

This method works without software, and you only need to follow the quick steps to connect your computer to the internet via Bluetooth.

Using Connectify, connect the computer to the phone 

With this method, you will learn how to connect the internet from the computer to the mobile phone using the famous Connectify tool, which provides Hotspot programs to get started.

Establish a connection

  • Once you have downloaded and installed the tool on your computer, turn it on once it has been installed.

  • The hotspot network can be set up by going to the settings page for your Wi-Fi connection, and simply entering your desired SSID and password, and clicking the “Start Hotspot” button.

  • The hotspot will be ready to use if everything is done correctly.

  • In the same way as the previous methods, you will need to go to the Wi-Fi network menu on your phone, then connect to the network you just connected to,

Using Connectify, you may have learned how to connect your mobile to the internet.

4. Connecting an Android device to a computer via USB 

If you have a wire that you can use to connect the internet from a computer to your smartphone, just connect to a good internet without worrying about Wi-Fi wireless connection issues, if your phone does not have a good wireless module, you’ll encounter problems with the internet connection on Android and iPhone phones.

Windows 10: Connecting the computer to the mobile via USB

  • To open the Internet, click on Advanced, then Hotspot and tethering.

  • If the USB tethering slider appears greyed out, make sure the USB cable is properly connected.

  • The hotspot and tethering warning will appear, stating that continuing will interrupt any current data transfers between the phone and computer. Click “OK” to continue, to begin broadcasting between the two devices.

How can I connect my mobile device to my computer to access the internet?

When you have learned how to connect the internet from the computer to the mobile, you may also want to know how to reverse all the previous methods that we have previously explained.

Using your package or Wi-Fi network, you can connect your mobile net to the computer using the Internet:

  • On some Android phones, you can tap and hold a Wi-Fi hotspot that’s called Mobile Hotspot or Hotspot

Click on the Hotspot icon inside the phone

  • Next, turn on the slider.

  • When the “portable hotspot” button is pressed, the hotspot will be turned on automatically.

A portable hotspot box will appear when you click it

  • Next, open your Windows PC.

  • To access Wi-Fi settings, press Win + I.

  • You can also search for them directly in the Settings search bar if they are not listed in the drop-down menu.

  • Choosing the network, clicking Connect, entering the password, and finally broadcasting WiFi to all the tablets around you should be possible.

How to connect a mobile phone to the Internet

Before enabling Wi-Fi on your Windows system, you should keep the following in mind:

  • Your newly created hotspot should have a strong password.

  • Using a USB cable to connect your phone to a Windows PC will allow you to share your phone’s internet connection, rather than access your phone’s storage.

  • It may be necessary for drivers to create and manage hotspots.

  • If there is no option to create a hotspot, make sure you have a wireless adapter on your Windows device. If not, try getting an external adapter or using a cable to connect your Windows device to your Android or Apple device.

In our article on connecting your computer to your mobile device, both using and without USB, as well as using Bluetooth and the Connectify program, we have covered how to connect your computer to the internet for Windows systems. According to our tests, USB tethering drains your phone’s battery the most slowly, while Bluetooth offers the slowest speeds due to advances in Bluetooth technology, but its battery impact is still acceptable.

We hope you will enjoy our article today, and do not forget to share it with your friends and follow the Technology News website so you can keep up with the latest technical news and for more articles. And finally, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment in the designated box below. All rights are reserved for our visitors.

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