Facebook confirms it will not collect user data in new ways. Is there a meaning to this?

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Meta – formerly Facebook – has revised its terms of service, touched on its privacy policies, and confirmed that it won’t collect new data from users.

While Facebook has been exposed in the media and has been attacked heavily in recent years, it still collects and retains user data.

Updated Facebook usage policy

Earlier this week, Meta updated its usage policy page, and The Verge highlighted the most important differences.

At the beginning of the privacy policy pages, the site stated that there were statements from the company confirming that the pages had been modified to facilitate user identification of the content and method of work of the company that owns the most famous social media platforms, and it may be regarded as a fact once it has a more user-friendly interface.

Despite the recent changes, the article reassures users that Meta will no longer collect users’ personal information, but I wonder if “in new ways” is supposed to mean a good thing? Are you finally done violating people’s privacy?

Since Meta is still the same as Facebook, with the same policies, and managed by the same person, we should not expect much when it comes to privacy from them.

Notification of Facebook’s updated privacy policy

Violate privacy rights in the future

The company will not use new means to collect data – examples are not given here – but it will continue its practices of accessing everything associated with its users and storing it on its servers.

Despite its concerns about privacy and user data collection, Facebook continues to direct targeted ads and facilitate access to products that users are interested in.

Due to the company’s reliance on selling user data for advertising, it tries hard to protect users’ privacy and ensure that their usage benefits all parties while remaining a social media issue, not just Facebook’s.

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