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For a few years now, Overwatch has been in a dark place. Specifically, with the last release of the major hero in 2019, when Blizzard was somewhat slow about updates or even about introducing a new part of the game, there is no doubt that the epidemic and allegations against the company hindered progress, so that games such as Apex Legends and Valorant emerge as a shooter based on heroes to threaten Overwatch. With Overwatch 2, will this change?

Blizzard Inc. is back in the backwaters. This was expected since it has been the approach with online games in recent years that the PvP mode will be free for everyone. The company announced at the recent Xbox event that the PvP mode would be available for free to everyone. In addition, the company announced today a complete roadmap for launching the game and beyond.

Aaron Keeler, game director, said in a group interview:

“Playing for free wasn’t influenced by other games doing this, but by our desire to offer players as much content as possible.”

Regardless of Aaron Keeler’s claim that “it was a completely original choice made to please the players,” all the decisions Blizzard makes seem directly inspired by recent online games.

Overwatch 2: What’s new

Overwatch 2 will feature “themed” seasonal updates, a battle pass, challenges, and an in-game store. With each new season, there will be a new hero or map, as with games like Valorant, and new skins as well.

Each year, Blizzard plans to release three to four new heroes and maps. Compared to the first Overwatch, this is a lot. As Overwatch 2 looks back and counts what worked, it develops and improves its systems to achieve the best possible shape, and clarifies the expected update rhythm more clearly than before.

While the team was working on the sequel, Keeler said it was hard to see players ask for a new hero and new maps in the original game. Developers can regularly provide consistent and substantial updates after release, he said.

Detailed roadmap for the game’s launch and beyond

This year’s game will be available on the fourth of October

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