Google Pixel 7 vs iPhone 14 Pro Max in 5 aspects

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In about the same period, Apple and Google both released their new flagship phones, the iPhone 14 and Pixel 7, respectively, which allows for comparisons of the two phones, since these are the two operating systems that have dominated the smartphone market for so long.

Although Apple iPhones are very popular and gain many points of superiority over competitors, the company does not follow in the footsteps of others by providing the best hardware with phones, but it is without a doubt that it outperforms in terms of actual performance, thanks primarily to its exclusive iOS operating system.

In addition to the operating system, the iPhone’s performance is also enhanced by the Apple Bionic processors, which Apple develops in accordance with its vision, despite having been manufactured by third parties. As a result, the iPhone clearly outperforms its competitors.

Google’s new Pixel 7 Pro, however, has 5 advantages over Apple’s flagship iPhone 14 Pro Max, and we’ll review them below.

Price difference of a large amount

Most companies reveal prices when they announce new smartphones, since price continues to be one of the most important factors in buying a new phone.

Why do smartphones cost what they do? It is simply a matter of specifications, the better the product, the higher the price. It is understandable, but what if you could get the same value for less?.

Due to the fact that the Google Pixel 7 Pro is sold for approximately $ 1,099 with 512 GB of storage, compared to $1,399 for the iPhone 14 Pro Max with the same capacity.

Camera positions

The issue of comparison in the shape and design of the phone may not be important to many, but the quality of manufacturing is one of the most important points because it reflects the ability to withstand shocks or falls and other things that might end up on a smartphone that was manufactured with inferior materials, so this is the point we’re trying to make.

Although the iPhone 14 Pro Max has high-quality materials and craftsmanship, the placement of the cameras in the Pixel 7 Pro is better when it comes to scratch and crack resistance.

Unlike the iPhone 13 Pro Max of last year, the Pixel 7 Pro’s cameras are more prominent from the phone cover, which exposes them to scratches or even breakage. This matter is very different in the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

In this case, Google placed the cameras on a crossbar on the back of the phone, which is a smart way to protect them better, especially since they are metal.

Recognition of speech

The capabilities of Google’s artificial intelligence in recognizing speech are impressive, especially when it comes to our Arabic mule, in comparison to what Apple has accomplished.

With Google’s artificial intelligence, it is capable of understanding emotions based on how people speak. There is no confusion about where to put commas, stops, or punctuation marks.

Compared to other phones, including the iPhone 14 Pro Max, the Pixel 7 Pro has the best speech recognition accuracy.

4 – The sensor for the fingerprint reader

Having multiple ways to unlock your phone is something that most users enjoy, as Apple abandoned the well-known home menu button in the iPhone since its inception, and the company did not introduce a fingerprint sensor again in its leading devices, including the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Despite the great development in the smartphone industry and the ability to integrate the fingerprint reader sensor at the bottom of the screen, Apple still rejects it and relies entirely on the method of unlocking the phone by using the wonderfully advanced Face ID recognition.

However, users sometimes struggled to unlock their phones through face recognition, so offering an alternative offers the same protection and security as it is an advantage in its favor. Having a good face recognition sensor and a fingerprint reader at the bottom of the screen also makes it an excellent choice for the Google Pixel 7 Pro. .

Video recording in 4K

When purchasing a new phone, one of the most important things to consider is photography, and with the increase in photography, especially video clips in the age of Tik Tok and social networking applications with an increasing focus on videos, it is becoming increasingly important to have a phone that has 4K imaging capabilities.

While the iPhone 14 Pro Max also offers the ability to record 4K video, the Google Pixel 7 Pro offers even better performance.

As you can switch between the main lens and the wide-angle or telephoto lens smoothly, the Pixel 7 Pro allows you to record 4K video at 60 frames per second without stopping video shooting. On the iPhone 14 Pro Max, you cannot do this without stopping the video.

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