Here is a video explaining how to convert an image into text via the Android and iPhone camera

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It is possible to convert written texts directly into digital through the smartphone camera, whether on iOS or Android, and this is a feature offered by the Google application.

Google Lens, which is capable of recognizing image content with utmost accuracy, has been added to the official Google app for Android and iOS for iPhone and iPad.

Google’s applications allow users to find similar images on the Internet and learn about their content.

As well as translation, text extraction, and web search, it allows users to identify objects directly via the Internet.

Images can be converted to text using an Android or iPhone camera

Download the latest update from the Google app on Android or iOS.

As shown in the video below, the iPhone application is opened, the text icon is clicked, the camera is pointed at the text, the image is taken, and the text is used.

You can program the iPhone to send a WhatsApp message every day, every week, or every month by watching the video below.

This can be done on Android phones by opening the application after it has been updated, and then pressing the Google Lens icon next to the search box.

Select text from the options below, point the camera at the text you want to capture, and click Capture.

The application also offers other features like translating texts directly, listening to them through smart text pronunciation technology, and searching through the web and other features.

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