Here is a video explaining quick shortcuts while typing on the iPhone

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Smart phones have become more practical in recent years, and the matter is increasing year after year. With the iPhone, you can edit text, which requires the knowledge of quick shortcuts while writing.

There are many features and options in the iPhone text editor, but sometimes it takes touch shortcuts to accomplish tasks faster.

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Technology News presents quick shortcuts for typing on the iPhone in the following video.

The following tasks can be performed through touch while editing texts on the iPhone:

When writing on the iPhone, you can select a word or the entire text by pressing twice on the screen.

Swiping three fingers to the right will undo an erased step.

By pinching and bringing three fingers together while touching the screen, you can copy text.

By joining three fingers while touching the screen at the same time and repeating this movement twice in succession quickly, text can be cut.

To paste the text, you can spread three fingers while touching the screen at the same time.

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