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The new version of Apple’s operating system for iPhone phones, iOS 16, was launched a few days ago and brings several new features and options for the first time.

As Apple states on its website, iOS 16 will already arrive with several features once you upgrade to the system, while other features will arrive later this year or at the beginning of next year at the latest.

Technology News presents the most important new hidden features in iOS 16 after receiving the latest updates.

Password revealed

In the new version of iOS 16, Apple has developed the ability to reveal Wi-Fi passwords, allowing users to find out the password after actually connecting to the network

The easiest way to do this is to go to the settings while connected to the network whose password must be known, select the wi-fi connection settings, and then select the network whose password must be known.

As shown in the video, when you click on the password points, the system will verify the primary user of the iPhone with FaceID before showing the password directly.

Remove the background from the photo

With iOS 16, Apple created a way to easily remove the background from images by utilizing artificial intelligence, which can distinguish objects in images.

In smartphones, this feature is not entirely new, but what is interesting here is that Apple provides it for all photos, instead of just those taken through the phone itself.

To take advantage of it, when viewing an image, you can press a long touch on the part that you want to keep without the background, and after a few seconds a visual effect will appear in the image, indicating that it has been completed and the required part has been recognized and isolated from the background.

Then it directly shows the options to take advantage of the image, whether to share directly with other applications after removing the background or to copy.

In the video above, the image can be copied and pasted into WhatsApp to send to anyone without a background.

Convert an image to a PDF

With iOS 16, it’s easier and faster to convert images or screenshots into PDF documents.

This feature can be accessed by opening the Files app on the iPhone and selecting any of the images to convert to PDF.

A long press on the desired image selects “Quick Actions”, then “Create PDF Document”. A PDF document file is created from the image and saved in the same folder.

Photo protection hidden in plain sight

In iOS 16, Apple provided the ability to protect the hidden image file in the Photos application, and although it’s one of the old features in smartphones and that’s been around for years on Android, it’s still essential for users to maintain their privacy in the face of intruders.

A photo in the iPhone’s Photos app can be hidden from the app by pressing the three dots at the top.

You can protect the hidden photos folder using the Face ID fingerprint by going to the settings, selecting the photos, and then activating the Face ID fingerprint option.

As shown in the video above, to open the folder, the iPhone with iOS 16 requires the face of its owner.

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