Including video… How to download YouTube videos on iPhone and Android without apps

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Some people want to download YouTube videos to their phones so they can watch them later when they don’t have access to the internet.

Although YouTube allows users to save videos through the application, the feature is subject to the terms of the video publisher, and in many cases, you cannot save the videos on your phone.

This article explains how to download YouTube videos on Android and iOS phones, as well as iPhones and iPads, and it can also be used on Windows.

The method is unique in that it doesn’t require any external applications to download YouTube videos to your phone, but only the browser and very easily.

Other advantages of the method include:

  • Without apps, convert YouTube videos.

  • You can control the quality of YouTube videos.

  • Only convert YouTube clips to WAV audio.

  • Upload parts of a YouTube video that have been cropped.

  • YouTube video to MP3 converter

  • GIF animation from YouTube video

Watch this video to learn how:

You can download YouTube videos to your phone with Chrome on Android or Safari on iPhone if you enjoy reading.

Enter the video clip you wish to download, and then remove the last three letters of the word Youtube from the link address at the top.

Click on Download Video, then you will be taken directly to the download page, where you will choose “Video”.

Through the downloads file, the YouTube video will be downloaded to the phone. The video can be opened immediately after the download is complete, or you can open the file manager and then the downloads folder where you will find the video with the same address, unless you choose to change it.

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