Introducing LG’s stretchable screen. You can attach it to your clothes!

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In a new leap in the field of flexible screens, LG revealed its latest discoveries in the field of screens, which is a stretchable screen that can expand up to 20% of its original size after folding.

In South Korea, LG has a private sector that develops screens, collaborates with other companies and research institutes to provide future products, and it is the pioneer in manufacturing the first foldable screen, which is currently used in smartphones and other devices.

According to an official LG Screen Blog post, the company has revealed its latest screen technology, an expandable screen with a prototype display that can expand 20% more than its actual size.

According to the company, the screen displayed is 12 inches and can be stretched to 14 inches, displaying RGB color content at 100 pixels per inch.

In the evolution of screens after foldable screens, which have already been commercialized, stretchable displays can be stretched, folded, or even rolled.

In developing the revolutionary new screen, LG Display said it used silicone materials used in contact lenses, which allowed the company to greatly increase display flexibility.

The stretchable screen is also equipped with 40-micrometer LEDs, the smallest light source, which keeps its accuracy even when repeatedly hit or stretched.

According to the company, it expects to use the new innovation in products with uneven surfaces, such as furniture and apparel, as well as in traditional consumer products like wearable technology.

Despite this, LG confirmed that it is working with 20 Korean research institutes on developing the stretchable screen, with the project anticipated to conclude in 2024.

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