It’s a historical change.. Diablo Immortal raises $ 50 million in a month

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A report reveals how much Blizzard made from the launch of Diablo Immortal in 2022, just one month after the new version was launched.

With the launch of Diablo Immortal last week, Blizzard and NetEase Studios collaborated to develop a massively multiplayer online role-playing game for iOS and Android platforms.

According to a report on App Magic, Diablo Immortal achieved its goals after it attracted attention from the first hours of its official launch and collected revenues worth $ 50 million in its first month alone, despite being a free game.

The report indicated that the new game achieved unprecedented profits in average profits in average profits for each day since the launch of the first version of it, despite the fact that it was a paid game at the time. As a result of the company’s profits in the first month, $ 2.4 million in profits every day, the company ended up with a profit of $ 48.9 million.

App Magic’s market intelligence tool reports that Diablo Immortal has been downloaded more than 8.5 million times in the first two weeks since launch, generating more than $24 million in revenue, making it Blizzard’s highest-grossing game to date.

Additionally, the report said that Diablo Immortal has become one of the most popular games in the United States since the launch of the latest version, accounting for approximately 43% of the total revenue. Moreover, this game is very popular in South Korea as well, where the company collects 23% of its revenue from there. The remainder 17% of revenue comes from other countries around the world, including Japan, Germany and Canada, each with 8%, 6% and 3% of revenue.

Video games have undergone a historical change

Furthermore, the report confirmed that Diablo Immortal’s profits were also influenced by the historical change in video game concept, which began years ago by achieving the highest profits from free games as opposed to paid games in an era when smartphones have become the leading source of entertainment.

It was Blizzard’s decision to launch the game free-of-charge and rely on the internal store to sell items, progression equipment, weapon improvements, clothing and characters to make profits, which ultimately exceeded expectations.

In recent years, the majority of video game developers have launched completely free versions of their popular or new games, with an internal store that offers players additional features. This has resulted in revenues far exceeding those generated by paid copies of the games.

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