Listening apps get a new look with Android Auto’s redesign

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Possibly, Google will redesign Android Auto, and the new feature will appear in the new interface, an easy-to-use tool that “Coolwalk” will provide to Spotify and perhaps other listening apps.

The latest updates to Android Auto and Spotify may result in a dual-page UI for the music app that aligns with the platform’s upcoming “Coolwalk” redesign, as spotted on Reddit . In an early state, the change hasn’t yet been released. Rather, it was accessed through an Android smartphone.

Here’s what’s new.

In the new Android Auto user interface, music widgets will be one of the options to display content on displays of all sizes. Android Auto currently allows full-screen music apps or a banner with play/pause/track controls on the bottom bar. On most vehicle displays, at least. With wider displays, you’ll also be able to view both apps together, much like in Coolwalk.

In addition to providing music controls and displaying music, artist, and album information, the new widget also displays Spotify’s “For You” interface. In addition, some playlists can be shuffled. This uses less space and can probably save you from having to display the entire app on your screen.

Currently, this UI seems to only be used by Spotify, but it seems reasonable to assume other players, such as YouTube Music, will follow. The music apps on Android Auto generally offer the same features.

However, until Google finally starts rolling it out to everyone, we won’t be able to tell for sure. While the Android Auto redesign was announced in May 2022, its official launch has not been announced yet

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