Musk’s “crazy” plan to eliminate telecom companies

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Using his second generation of satellites, Musk, a billionaire businessman, will be able to provide direct cellular communication with phones.

As part of Space X, he founded the Starlink company, which is responsible for spreading the Internet to all countries of the world, and has already begun work on it. Additionally, Musk has several ideas for a space Internet.

During a joint conversation with T-Mobile’s CEO, Musk revealed the first revolutionary projects that will be supported by the second generation of advanced Starlink satellites.

To make calls, T-Mobile and Musk will use phones to communicate with Starlink satellites to get rid of telecom operators’ towers.

According to the famous businessman, satellites come equipped with the latest cellular communication equipment, including phones, and network towers are provided in their current configuration, so companies do not have to install these towers in order to cover the ground.

Satellites’ cellular communication equipment includes a 5G connection, so users won’t experience poor coverage again.

Starlink and T-Mobile are collaborating on the project and it is expected to become operational by the end of 2023.

Musk’s plan will likely end telecom companies

Because Musk’s ambitions and ideas for expansion know no bounds, telecommunications companies around the world are likely to be concerned about improved Starlink satellites.

While Musk’s need to collaborate with established carriers to provide cellular communication services may seem reassuring at first, the future may look very different.

The owner of SpaceX will dominate cellular communications and the Internet around the globe for many years to come if Amazon, OneWeb, or Project Kuiper don’t emerge quickly.

Even if direct competitors arrive, the report indicated that the future of communication companies around the world is also dark, as they are forced to work to become giants in the world, not just major companies locally, and spend billions to follow in the footsteps of SpaceX and Amazon. Failure is also possible.

The experience Musk gained while launching all satellites and operating Starlink 100% will benefit users in receiving cellular networks anywhere in the world, but it will also pose concerns because of the monopoly.

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