Pocket S foldable phone announced at a low price by Huawei

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A year after Huawei announced its first foldable phone, the P50 Pocket, it has returned with a follow-up. With a circular outer screen and a camera bump on the outside, Huawei’s new foldable device maintains the same foldable form factor as the P50. The new phone has fewer external cameras, a slightly middling processor, and a lower starting price of $818 compared with $1,228 for the P50 Pocket.

The Pocket S beats Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 4 (which was priced around $1,025, according to Gizmochina) in terms of price. The Pocket S, however, does not support 5G networks due to continued US sanctions against Huawei. You can’t expect any Google apps or services to be available on it if it is ever released outside of China.


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Other than that, the Pocket S specifications are the same as those of the P50 Pocket. It features a 6.9-inch internal foldable screen with a 120Hz refresh rate and a resolution of 2790 x 1188. Apparently, Huawei’s latest phone can withstand 400,000 times of closing and opening. In addition to the phone’s camera, there is a small circular external screen measuring 1.04 inches that can display notifications and act as a periscope. In contrast to the P50 Pocket, you get only two rear cameras this time around (a 40MP main camera and a 13MP ultrawide). Instead of the flagship Snapdragon 888 processor found in the P50 Pocket, the Pocket S uses a midrange Snapdragon 778G processor.

After launching in China last year, Huawei announced a global release just over a month later for the P50 Pocket, so it’s likely Huawei will do the same for the Pocket S. Huawei will sell the phone in China starting November 10th, according to GSMArena.

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