Sony announces PlayStation Stars

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PlayStation Stars, Sony’s loyalty program that includes “digital collectibles” rewards, is set to launch later this year. Through the Starz program, PlayStation players can earn loyalty points and rewards by completing activities. PSN points can be redeemed for benefits, including cash for your PSN Wallet to purchase games.

The PlayStation Network Vice President of Advertising and Merchandise Licensed, Grace Chen, explains:

PSN Wallet Funds and select PlayStation Store products can be redeemed with points. PlayStation Plus members who register with PlayStation Stars automatically earn points for store purchases.”

Sony also collects “digital collectibles” through PlayStation Stars. Initially, this may appear to be NFTs, but it’s not.

The company didn’t mention blockchain or NFTs in its blog post, but in an interview with The Washington Post, it made clear “it does not use any blockchain technologies and certainly not NFTs.”

These collectibles will instead be digital representations and images of iconic characters from PlayStation games and perhaps even historical PlayStation consoles.

A variety of collectibles will be available regularly, including “ultra rare” items. It looks like these collectibles won’t be available for direct purchase since Sony describes them as rewards. Through challenges, such as the monthly challenge, players will be able to earn major loyalty points. In terms of challenges and rewards, Sony has not yet explained how they will work.

It is similar to Microsoft’s rewards program for Xbox players or Nintendo Gold Points. The Microsoft Rewards program includes monthly questions, activities, and surveys that reward points. Bing Browser and Microsoft Edge also offer bonus points. Players can earn Nintendo Gold Points by buying new games on Nintendo Switch and converting them into digital purchases

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