Superfast Wi-Fi 7 is coming soon

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As the connectivity trials near completion, MediaTek, a company that develops chips and semiconductors, has confirmed that the first device supporting the seventh generation of Wi-Fi connectivity is much closer than many think.

As an update to Wi-Fi 6E, which was launched for the first time in 2020 before last, Wi-Fi 7 supports a connection 2.4 times faster than its predecessor.

Media Tech confirmed that it is now developing devices that meet the new generation of connectivity with Wi-Fi 7, which could appear in devices as early as next year.

Several key customers and collaborators in the industry have already received experimental devices that support Wi-Fi 7, and she added: “MediaTek has been involved in the development of the Wi-Fi 7 standard since the beginning, and the company promises to launch devices that will be compatible with it starting next year.” 2023″.

7 Wi-Fi information

Wi-Fi technology began in 1997, and over the years it has spread to various devices, becoming an essential part of technology in every home and for all types of people.

Wi-Fi has also evolved over the years, and Wi-Fi 6 was announced in 2019 followed by Wi-Fi 6E in 2020.

With Wi-Fi 7, you can now get speeds up to 46Gbps, nearly five times as fast as 6G and 2.4 times as fast as Wi-Fi 6E, the previous generation.

This new generation is expected to arrive in 2023 with a frequency band of up to 320 MHz, which is twice the bandwidth of the last generation.

According to the World Wi-Fi Federation, as the global community has become more aware of the need for a high-speed wireless connection for small activities or even individuals, and as virtual reality technology, cloud video services and multi-platform playback continue to improve, Wi-Fi is becoming increasingly important.

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