The advanced floating homes are unveiled. These prices will be applied to them

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In the near future, Ocean Builders will sell its first floating homes that are environmentally friendly and enable owners to live a stable life in rivers and seas.

Floating houses are not a new concept. In order to exploit the large water area on the surface of the earth and enable people to live on it, some companies have already developed this new type of construction.

CNN reported that Ocean Builders, a Panama-based company that develops marine products using cutting-edge technology, has finally revealed its floating home concept.

Its objective is to manufacture a capsule that can float above the water at a height of approximately 2.2 meters and provide the stability that a person needs to live 365 days a year without problems.

Since the new floating homes are the first environmentally friendly floating homes in the world, the company has placed great emphasis on leveraging what competitors have to offer.

He pointed out that the environmentally friendly floating homes were designed by a Dutch architect working for the company, in cooperation with a team from a company called WaterStudio, which consists of three luxurious models of homes that rely entirely on technology, beginning with the EcoPodg and GreenPod models. SeaPod with the highest price tag.

SeaPod’s flagship model has a living area of 73 square meters and consists of a bedroom, living area, kitchen and bathroom with 360-degree panoramic views.

As the unit floats, its 1,688 cubic feet of steel tubes and 2.2 meters of weight provide stability on water.

In order to live above the water, people use boats, and even the most luxurious boats cannot provide a stable life experience 365 days a year, so our homes are designed so that they float above water with a very high level of stability, similar to living on land.”
The company’s CEO is Grant Romondt.

The capsules are a different model of the smart home, and their owners can always live in them without problems, especially now that remote working has become more feasible around the world.

The company’s CEO confirmed that the cheapest EcoPod model costs $ 295,000, while the most expensive SeaPod model costs $ 1.5 million.

At present, the focus is still on developing floating home models, with the first 100 homes expected to be delivered by the end of next year 2023, followed by an additional 1,000 capsules by 2024.

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