The Galaxy S23 launch date has been revealed by a Samsung official

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Samsung’s upcoming flagship phone, the Galaxy S23, continues to leak, and today an official within the company revealed the exact date for its official unveiling next year.

In the first quarter of each year, Samsung launched the new Galaxy S series phones. On January 14, the S21 generation and on February 11, the S20 generation were unveiled.

A Samsung Mobile official told ChoSun that the company’s plans regarding the launch dates of the next generation Galaxy S series for 2023 have not changed.

Samsung currently plans to hold a press conference in San Francisco during the first week of February (that is, between January 30 and February 5), provided the company receives pre-booking requests within two weeks of the event, as it has done in the past. Friday is the first shipment date for the event.

A downturn in smartphone sales is also taken into account by the company, which analysts expect to continue in the coming year. Ford said that this motivates Samsung to release its new flagship model early in the new year, rather than later.

Based on the Samsung official’s talk and the calendar, the Galaxy S23 phones should be shipped on February 17th.

It is worth noting that the shipping dates for phones from the new generations of the Galaxy S series have changed years ago, as the company used to start shipping in the month of March. However, due to changing market conditions, the company decided to expedite the delivery of prebooking requests.

The company is faster to respond with good time for phones to reach users after a press event, and it also helps with marketing in tough competition.

In addition, the new generation of leading phones will have more time to consolidate the financial statements for the first quarter.

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