The Galaxy S23 will lose Samsung’s most important exclusive components

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Despite reports that Samsung will discontinue the launch of its own Exynos processors for the Galaxy S23, Samsung has clearly stated that it will manufacture the next generation of its flagship phones.

For years, Samsung has presented, in each new generation of the leading Galaxy S series phones, models with its own Exynos processor, which it develops itself, but over the years, these processors have declined in popularity due to their poor performance compared to competitors, specifically Snapdragon processor-based phones.

GSMArena reports Qualcomm’s Akash Balhawala will have a major expansion next year with Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S23 handset.

The speech by Balhawala hinted at the fact that all of the options offered by Samsung within the same family, including the basic phone and the plus version, as well as the new Ultra that replaces the Galaxy Note, would all require more Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 processors.

The official may have revealed Samsung’s secret plans to launch the Galaxy S23 during his speech that accompanied Qualcomm’s announcement of its fourth fiscal quarter profits.

He confirmed in his speech that there will be an expansion in several new markets for Samsung phones with Qualcomm processors, which is contrary to the South Korean company’s policy in the past years that the Galaxy S phones will be sold in markets with Qualcomm processors and in markets with Exynos processors.

It is worth noting that Samsung has faced criticism over the past years due to the imposition of copies of its Galaxy S phones with Exynos processors in the European market and others, especially since these processors offer lower performance and significantly higher energy consumption than those powered by Qualcomm processors.

After the launch of the Galaxy S22 last year, Samsung reduced the markets where Exyos processors could be used, among which were Arab countries, indicating that the company surrendered to the fact that its own processors were losing popularity.

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