The launch date for the first foldable iPhone is confidently predicted by Samsung

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Since the South Korean company knows there are plans and an arrival date for the first foldable iPhone, the technology is in its infancy.

Despite Samsung’s increasing investment in foldable devices, Apple has not yet announced a foldable phone, so there is no indication that the iPhone maker will do so soon.

Samsung’s mobile division officials met with suppliers last month to discuss the smartphone market, according to a report by South Korean The Elec.

In the discussions, representatives from the South Korean company allegedly said they expected Apple to announce its first foldable device in two years, more specifically in 2024.

In an interesting twist, Samsung believes that Apple’s first foldable phone will not be a phone, since it believes it will enter this market with a tablet or foldable laptop rather than an iPhone, as the American giant and the technology company with the highest market cap.

According to a report published by CCS Insight last month, Apple should launch a new iPad instead of a foldable iPhone at this point.

According to the report, the locals believe Apple’s first foldable device may cost about $ 2,500, but it is unclear how much it will cost.

In the same meeting with investors, Samsung reportedly said that the foldable smartphone market is expected to grow by 80% by 2025, and also confirmed that 90% of foldable smartphone users are convinced and excited about the idea of buying another foldable smartphone. A future with foldable smartphones.

It is noteworthy that Samsung Mobile’s CEO confirmed earlier this year that about 10 million foldable smartphones would be shipped in 2021, and although the number is still small compared to the smartphone market overall, it has increased even more. For 2020, it will increase by 300%.

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