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This man from Fribourg puts his life at stake for the climate

For a week, this father of three, Guillermo Fernandez, has been on hunger strike in the Federal Square. He is asking that a special session of the Federal Assembly is convened on the climate.

Settled on the Federal Square, the hunger striker challenges the politicians with his sign: “Hunger strike for the climate of our children”

“I intensely want to live. But I am ready to die, if it can give a chance to save my children from the hell on earth that awaits them if nothing is done”. With such words, Guillermo Fernandez, 47, who lives in the canton of Fribourg, wants to draw the attention of politicians on the Federal Square in Bern for a week. His action enters this Monday in the second week and he is still determined to go all the way.

To protect his children

Born in Lausanne, of Spanish parents, Guillermo Fernandez lives in the canton of Fribourg with his wife and their three children. Last August, he read the latest IPCC report and “became fully aware of the imminent danger that threatened his children, and decided to do everything to protect them”, according to one of his friends. But how to do it? The idea came to him to go on a hunger strike and to demand that Federal Councillor Simonetta Sommaruga, in charge of the environment and energy, “convene the Federal Assembly for a mandatory training session on the climate and ecological emergency”.

Convene the Federal Assembly?

From this assembly, new demands should emerge for the Federal Council and Switzerland: declare a climate emergency, achieve emissions neutrality by 2030, integrate climate justice, ban fossil fuel financing and undertake “proactive climate diplomacy”. Guillermo Fernandez promises that he will refuel when his first request, the convening of the Federal Assembly, is made. However, formally, Simonetta Sommaruga does not have the power to do so. Only Parliament can decide on a special session on a particular topic.

“Guns and cans”

During the past week, he met with parliamentarians who work in the Federal Palace, in particular members of the SVP, in the Place Fédérale: “I noticed that some members of parliament know very well that if we continue, we are heading for an apocalypse. What frightened me was that their response was to buy guns and cans… Without an immediate, concerted and united response, we are heading for barbarism. This is what terrifies me the most for my children”.

Guillermo Fernandez spends his days from nine to five in Plaza Federal. But at night, he sleeps in a nearby apartment.

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