This video. What is the best way to monitor WhatsApp through the number?

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The popular messaging app WhatsApp can be monitored by number using some iPhone and Android apps.

The following video explains how one of these applications allows WhatsApp monitoring through a phone number.

Every time the wanted person becomes “online” or active, WhatsApp monitoring applications send an alert to the number.

In addition, these apps alert users when they log out of WhatsApp or become offline.

Once these apps have monitored someone’s WhatsApp activity for a period of time, they provide a comprehensive chart showing when they use WhatsApp.

When that person enters WhatsApp, the user of the application will receive an immediate alert, and he will also receive an alert when he exits the application.

WhatsApp users cannot prevent others from tracking their activity even if they disable their last seen option.

WhatsApp monitoring applications communicate directly with WhatsApp servers via the number to learn about a user’s status.

For families who want to monitor their children’s activity, especially expatriates or children in school, this type of application can be very helpful.

Additionally, you can use the app to find out when is the best time to contact someone on WhatsApp.

Through the number, you can monitor Alwats August

Using WhatsApp monitoring applications by number, the user installs the application and then adds the number of the person whose activity they wish to monitor.

One number can be added for free to the application to monitor its activity on WhatsApp, and other numbers can be added for an additional fee.

WhatsApp monitoring applications do not spy on a person’s messages or conversations, but rather monitor his activity on the app.

A simplified explanation of one of these WhatsApp monitoring applications can be found in this video.

Using this free application, you can monitor one number’s WhatsApp activity for free.

This site offers a large collection of this type of application for Android phones and iPhones.

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