When it comes to satellite communication in the iPhone 14, there is no comparison

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Apple, with its iPhone 14, has already begun to adopt this method of communication in its products.

Currently, satellite communication with phones is relatively old. Various wireless devices or phones have offered this feature for years, but with limited capabilities and without all the features of smartphones.

As rumors about Apple’s upcoming iPhone 14 offering satellite communication surfaced, another company already has realistic plans to provide the best experience at present, according to a BBC report.

Bullitt will be able to offer the best satellite communication service in a smartphone in February 2023, according to the report. In contrast to Apple’s plans, Elon Musk, owner and CEO of SpaceX, who wishes to have the same communication service on phones in collaboration with T-Mobile, will outperform Apple’s plans.

A British company called Bullitt launches rugged Android smartphones in cooperation with CAT Heavy Equipment.

At the beginning of next year, the company will launch a new generation of its phone equipped with the ability to communicate with satellites in the absence of cellular coverage or wi-fi.

In addition, the report claims that while the iPhone 14’s communication with satellites will be limited in emergency situations in North America, the upcoming Bullet phone will be able to provide service worldwide.

Additionally, the company outperformed Elon Musk’s T-Mobile project. As soon as the experiment was scheduled for soon, the owner of Space X, which has the largest satellite coverage at close distances from Earth, went out to confirm that malfunctions were causing the project to be postponed until the end of 2023. .

Musk said that the phones would take about 30 minutes to connect with the satellites in the area where the phones are located, while the Bullitt company claims that its phone will connect in a matter of seconds.

As a result of the report’s conclusion, the next Bullitt phone will offer this type of connection in cooperation with two satellite companies and will be able to receive and send text messages anywhere there is no cellular service.

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