With this new device, Apple is entering the world of Metaverse

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Ming-Chi Kuo, a famous technical expert, suggests Apple will launch its latest smart devices sooner than expected. The term “augmented reality headset” will be replaced with “mixed reality headset” by 2023.

With the launch of the new headset, Apple will directly compete with Meta, “Facebook previously”. The company is developing a metaverse concept and hardware.

In the near future, Apple will release a mixed reality headset

According to analysts, other companies may be able to get involved in VR as Meta slows down. However, he acknowledges Meta’s role in helping VR headsets grow and credits it with helping develop this new field.

“It’s the most complex product Apple has ever designed,” Kuo says of Apple’s VR/AR headset.

This headset will be a standalone device and will handle all its processing instead of requiring the iPhone to do so.

The new shape of Apple’s headphones

In the near future, Apple will release a new headset called the “Reality Operating System” that will cost $ 3,000.

The headset’s battery will not be worn separately, however. Does it come with the device or is it an external component.

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A new headset from Apple will be the key to Metaverse. The headset combines augmented reality and virtual reality technologies to create a mixed reality that allows users to immerse themselves in a fully integrated virtual world.

Over the past few months, numerous rumors and leaks have been reported about this advanced device. Due to increased interest in metaverses and the introduction of advanced headphones, Apple seems to be at the right time to reveal its new product.

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